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SESAME Information Day

Hosted by: The Cyprus Institute
Posted by: jens
The event will start on : 14 May 13
And will end on : 14 May 13
Location: Cyprus Institute - Nicosia, Cyprus

1st SESAME Information Day in Cyprus

SESAME (SYNCHROTRON-LIGHT FOR EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, is inviting Cypriot Scientists to a one day user meeting. The event will also include a LinkSCEEM open day with tours of the HPC facilities. The meeting will cover the following topics:

  1. to introduce scientists in Cyprus to SESAME project and in particular the scientific program
  2. to show how a powerful scientific tool like the synchrotron can be used in various fields of science covering: material science, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, environmental science, archaeology, macro-molecular biology, developing new drugs, nano-technology and nuclear physics – studying various isotopes
  3. to present training opportunities available through SESAME
  4. to discuss specifications, techniques and applications of SESAME Phase – I beamlines with particular emphasis on four day-one beamlines: Infrared Beamline (IR), Protein Crystallography Beamline (PX), X-ray Fluorescence/X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Beamline (XRF/XAFS) and Powder Diffraction Beamline (PD)


A detailed programme can be found here.

SESAME plans to invite the following speakers for this one-day activity in Cyprus: 

- Jan Gunneweg, Hebrew University, Israel – Synchrotron radiation in Archaeology,

- Mohammed Yousef, USA – Macromolecular Crystallography,

- M. Yasser Khalil, SESAME, Jordan – Scientific program and training opportunities provided by SESAME

- Messaoud Harfouche, SESAME, Jordan – X-ray Fluorescence

- Ibraheem Yousef, SESAME, Jordan –Infrared Spectro-microscopy



LinkSCEEM and Cy-Tera: Computational power for SESAME (J. Wiegand)

SESAME introduction (Y. Khalil)

SESAME training programme (Y. Khalil)

Symbiosis of nuclear versus synchrotron data in trans-disciplinary research

Symbiosis of nuclear versus synchrotron data in trans-disciplinary researchThe Qumran and Dead Sea Scroll project (J. Gunneweg)

Macromolecular Crystallography (M. Yousef)

BASEMA for XAFS/XRF techniques at SESAME (M. Harfouche)

An infrared beamline Emira at the third generation light source SESAME (I. Yousef)