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Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023

Third LinkSCEEM General User Meeting June 2013

Hosted by: BA Biblioteca Alexandrina

The event will start on: 25 Jun 13

And will end on: 27 Jun 13

At Bibliotheca Alexandrina

, Alexandria

Application Deadline: 21st of May 2013    

Posted by: eleftherios.eleftheriou   

Third LinkSCEEM General User Meeting June 2013

The LinkSCEEM-2 FP7 project is organising a 3-day general user meeting, during June 25-27, 2013 in Alexandria Egypt. The General User Meeting is part of the LinkSCEEM-2 project training activities aiming to prepare the Eastern Mediterranean scientific community for the use of HPC systems.

The meeting targets young researchers from the region and will address programming training needs of current and prospective HPC users both from Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. 

During the first day of the event the participants will receive general HPC training. In the following 2 days each participant has to select one of the following four parallel training sessions: 1) Parallel Programming: MPI and OpenMP, 2) HPC for Bioinformatics, 3) Molecular Dynamics Simulation tools (LAMMPS), 4) Materials Science: Quantum-Espresso. The programme will contain theoretical and hands-on training sessions to enable deep understanding of the concepts and their application on modern HPC. Trainees will be given access to the Biblioteca Alexandrina HPC systems where they will be able to carry out the hands-on exercises and practice what they have learned.

- General User Meeting Details

- Registration

- Programme

- Presentations

- Feedback Form

- Accommodation

- Transportation

General User Meeting Details

The user meeting will be held at the conference center of Biblioteca Alexandrina at Alexandria Egypt.

Language:English (materials will be published in English)


There is a number of funded competitive fellowships available to attend the general user meeting. Additional fellowships will be awarded under the Middle East Women Engaged in Mathematics and Science (MEWEMS) LinkSCEEM-2 program. Both fellowships will provide financial contribution to flights and accommodation costs.

Fellowships will be awarded to suitable candidates who:
1.    Are involved in Computational Science/HPC research projects or studies
2.    Identify how attending the general user meeting can help them in their future work.
3.    Have programming experience in C, Fortran or a similar high level programming language.

The selection committee will choose the participants at the event based on the criteria outlined below:

1. relevance of background to the workshop topic

2. country of residence (Eastern Mediterranean prioritised see*)

3. stage of career (young researchers/graduates preferred)

*Eastern Mediterranean countries are defined as: 1. Core countries: Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Greece 2. Neighboring countries: Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq

How to apply:

Applicants should fill in the following on-line form by 19 May 2013 (12:00 pm Central European Time) to express their interest in attending the General User meeting


The programme of the general user meeting can be found below or can be downloaded here: 

For more information please contact Mohammed Gaafar:




Feedback Form

Please complete the following form - providing us with your feedback on the 3rd LinkSCEEM General User Meeting.


The following three hotels in Alexandria are recommended:

Hotel Prices (Prices are in Euros per 1 night)


Single Room (Egyptian)

Double Room (Egyptian)

Single Room (Foreigner)

Double Room (Foreigner)
















In order to receive these special rates, the reservations need to be done by the secretary team at BA.  Attendees should send an email with their accommodation requirements to


Bus or train connections are available from Cairo to Alexandria. Transportation from the Cairo Airport terminal to the bus station, and train station can be done by taxis (always available outside the airport). Transportation from Bus Station and Train station at Alexandria to the hotels can be done by taxis (always available).

Direct taxis are available from Cairo Airport to Alexandria and from Alexandria to Cairo Airport.  The taxi costs around 30 EUROs and it should be reserved by BA stuff. The contact for taxi reservations is