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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
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ASEG, 22nd Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) Conference and Exhibition 2012
From Sunday 26 February 2012 -  08:00
To Wednesday 29 February 2012 - 17:00
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Welcome to the 22nd International Geophysical Conference & Exhibition Home Page. As co-chairs, Andrea Rutley and Wayne Mogg would like to invite you to attend the conference to be held from 26th – 29th February 2012 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We have chosen as our conference theme, "Unearthing New Layers". This is to recognise that transformational change in our industry can still occur, witness the coal seam gas rush in Queensland. There are many different ways in which you can become involved in the conference.

By joining us as a Sponsor, you will have unique access to all the marketing and publicity opportunities associated with Australasia's premier exploration geophysics conference. The International Geophysical Conference brings together a mix of domestic and international delegates from industry, government and education with interests in application of geophysics to minerals and petroleum exploration and engineering and environmental studies. We recognise that the support of our Sponsors is a key contributor towards the success of an International Geophysical Conference and are keen to tailor a package to optimally promote your organisation to our delegates.

Exhibitors at the 22nd International Geophysical Conference & Exhibition in Brisbane will have a fantastic opportunity to showcase their products and services to Conference delegates. The flexibility of the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre will be leveraged to ensure our Exhibitors get maximum exposure to their potential market, our delegates.

Delegates to the 2012 International Geophysical Conference will, under the one roof, have access to an exciting technical programme with papers on geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation by leaders in their respective fields. Shallow or deep, minerals or petroleum, the technical programme will have it all. The Exhibition will showcase the latest technology available to get you the data or to make the interpretation no matter what your domain of geophysics. Renew old acquaintances or make new ones, the 2012 International Geophysical Conference in Brisbane will be a great opportunity to meet, greet and talk.

Presenters at the 2012 International Geophysical Conference have the opportunity to show their research or work results in Australasia's premier geophysical forum to an audience comprising the best and brightest of Australia's exploration geophysicists.

Whichever way you chose to register for the 22nd International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Andrea and Wayne, on behalf of the Brisbane Organising Committee welcome you to Brisbane, 2012, to help us in our quest of "Unearthing New Layers".

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Location : Brisbane, Australia