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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
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Workshop on EM in Hydrocarbon Exploration
From Wednesday 11 April 2012 -  08:00
To Friday 13 April 2012 - 17:00
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In the past 10 years marine EM has steadily emerged as a high profile tool for petroleum exploration, but there are many who still remain sceptical about the method. EAGE will host the first workshop in Asia-Pacific on EM exploration for hydrocarbons. The goal is to bring together key experts, skeptics and managers from oil companies, contractors, and research institutions to share and discuss experiences of EM in different settings. The objectives are to disseminate EM technology and good practice, build a common interest group in the E&P industry and discuss future opportunities for growth of EM. Unlike conventional short-presentation-based conferences, emphasis is placed on learning from each other through frank discussions of the practice, future challenges and innovation of EM.

The distinguishing feature of this workshop is its focus on discussing how people have used the technology, if the efforts have been perceived to add value to the exploration effort, and what might be done differently in future to maximise the potential of the technology. Only those actively involved in oil and gas business have been invited as speakers at this workshop. The benefit of the workshop is maximised by getting the operating companies to discuss their case studies candidly. Importantly, the workshop not only focuses on the success stories, but also discusses the failures that people have experienced and how to avoid them.

The 2-day workshop consists of a keynote address and 7 sessions (Applicability of EM in E&P business; Evolution and Future Growth Areas of CSEM; Potential Pitfalls in the Interpretation of CSEM Surveys; Case Histories of Success and Failures in the Use of EM in Asia-Pacific and Beyond; Subsalt, Sub-basalt and Carbonate Mapping; Shallow-water CSEM; Robust Quantitative Interpretation of CSEM Surveys – how far have we come?).

A 1-day short course on Marine EM Methods for Petroleum Exploration is also given on the final day of the workshop. Read more.

Check out the programme schedule for the list of invited speakers who are leading experts in the industry!

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Location : Singapore, Singapore