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Friday, 31 Mar 2023
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HPC Numerical Libraries @ CINECA
From Monday 10 March 2014 -  08:00
To Wednesday 12 March 2014 - 17:00
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When dealing with performance problems of programs involving a large amount of numerical operations, an HPC programmer has to know the existence of specifically developed numerical libraries, and how to use them. Their high scalability and portability can be of great help, since they can save a good amount of computing time and memory, and avoid the effort of having to think and implement functions already covered by one of such libraries. In this course, some of the most important numerical libraries for HPC will be presented: In particular, there will be covered libraries for Linear Algebra (ScaLAPACK and others), Fast Fourier Transform (FFTW and others) and modelling with Partial Differential Equations (PETSc). Time for practicing with these libraries is also scheduled.

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