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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
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Code coupling using OpenPalm @ Cines
From Monday 28 April 2014 -  08:00
To Wednesday 30 April 2014 - 17:00
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The OpenPALM coupler co-developed by ONERA and CERFACS has many features, and its use requires a dedicated training for physicists, computer scientists and developers of coupled applications. CERFACS engineers involved in its development teach this course.
Course topics:

  1. Process management:
    • The first level of parallelism OpenPALM: launching parallel tasks in a context or MPI_2 MPI_1, OpenPALM units, chaining or coupling
    • Instrumentation of the computer codes (parallel or not) to make OpenPALM units, interfacing Fortran, C, C++ ;
    • Management of the second level of parallelism, launching parallel programs
    • Definition of the coupling algorithm: branches, blocks, control structures, synchronizations
    • Resource Management of CPU and memories, priorities
  2. Information exchange between the coupled codes :
    • Instances of temporal objects, temporal interpolation
    • The toolkit, units of linear algebra, the interpolation of geophysical fields
    • Optimization of memory usage, the buffer, the Mailbuff, the memory slaves.

Real time monitoring of the application, the Performance Analyzer, debugging coupled applications.

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