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Friday, 31 Mar 2023

Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations over two Production calls

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After a successful 1st LinkSCEEM production call application, Professor Ekaterinaris’ group was also successful with their 2nd LinkSCEEM production call application. Using high order accurate discontinuous Galerkin discretization to model complex shocks dominated with hypersonic flows and the transport of the reactive species arising from the dissociation of oxygen and nitrogen, a refinement procedure was used to accurately represent the complex flow structures generated.

Such numerical simulations are important as they are expected to play a key enabling role in the design and evolution of concepts for the next-generation space vehicles. Results of this application can help achieve a better understanding of chemical dissociation and radiation processes for high-speed high enthalpy re-entry hypersonic flows where chemical reactions and non-equilibrium phenomena including flow transition and turbulence play a major role for thermal protection of space vehicles.

4Hi-order simulation for the shock tube simulation using up to third order discretization

H-adaptivity simulation for viscus flow around a sphere at Re=1000


Computational mesh for the wave rider configuration



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