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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

About Us

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The LinkSCEEM-2 project aims at the establishment of a high performance computing (HPC) eco-system in the Eastern Mediterranean region by interlinking and coordinating regional compute, storage and visualization resources to form an integrated e-infrastructure.

The main project objective is to enable scientific research in the region by engaging and supporting research communities with an initial emphasis in the fields of climate research, digital cultural heritage and synchrotron radiation applications.

To achieve its mission, the project will link e-resources, provide user support and training, carry out targeted networking activities, and, develop and implement a well-structured HPC resource allocation mechanism.

Three regional HPC centres, namely CaSToRC, BA and NARSS contribute computational resources to the integrated e-infrastructure of LinkSCEEM-2. Additional computational centres from the region may participate through integrating their resources during the course of the project.

The LinkSCEEM-2 project has received funding from the European Community's seventh framework programme FP7 (2007-2013), Capacities Research Infrastructure, INFRA-2010-1.2.3 Virtual Research Communities, Combination of Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support Actions (CP-CSA) under grant agreement no RI-261600.