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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences

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NARSS was established in 1991 as a General Authority under the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology. In 1994, NARSS was reorganized as a National Authority under the same Ministry. The mission of NARSS is to pursue, transfer, and provide the most modern technology in the fields of Remote Sensing and peaceful applications of Space Sciences, and build the self-capability of utilizing these technologies to support the National development plans and objectives.

NARSS is composed of eight scientific divisions (Geological applications and Mineral Resources; Agricultural Applications, Soil, and Marine sciences; Engineering Applications and Water Resources; Environmental Studies and Land use; Data Reception Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs; Aerial Photography and Aviation; Space Sciences and Strategic Studies; and Scientific Training and Continuous Studies).

NARSS has a technical staff of 100 members in different fields (holding Ph.D., M.S and B.S degrees. This work force is augmented by selected staff members from Universities and research centers. In addition, there are more than a 120 experts working in the space programme and 150 personnel in finance administrative, and personnel affairs.