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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

HPC Presentations

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At the International LinkSCEEM High Performance Computing Conference, internationally recognised computational scientists and leading experts of the European and US HPC scene met with HPC users and prominent personalities of the regional scientific community. The conference highlighted the achievements of the LinkSCEEM project, favoured interactions between regional and global actors in the field, and highlighted to civil society the benefits of computational approaches to science. 

The LinkSCEEM (Linking Scientific Computing in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean) conference goals were:  

  1. To create an open forum where users and providers of HPC alike could meet and exchange their views and ideas. 
  2. To explore the available HPC infrastructure in the region and to provide an opportunity for computational scientists to learn from leaders of HPC centres in Western Europe and the USA.
  3. To lay the foundations of a user community around the planned HPC facility of the Cyprus Institute's Computation-based Science and Technology Research Centre.
Not only did the conference provide some of the most respected speakers in the High Performance Computing community but it will also provided a diverse tutorial day for those interested in improving their knowledge of HPC systems. The tutorial day had 3 separate tracks:
  1. HPC Clusters: "Designing and Managing HPC Clusters" by ClusterVision and "An Introduction to Infiniband Networking" by Voltaire
  2. Software Development: "An Introduction to Parallel Programming" by Tim Stitt, CSCS
  3. HPC Applications: "Community Codes in Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics" by Sudhakar Pamidighantam (NCSA)