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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

Travel and visa information

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Participants traveling from the following countries will NOT require an entrance visa:

  1. USA
  2. All EU Countries
  3. Israel (refer this link for full list and additional information)

Participants traveling from the following countries WILL require an entrance visa.

  1. Egypt
  2. Lebanon
  3. Libya
  4. Syria
  5. Tunisia
  6. Jordon
  7. Turkey


Important News

Approval for all scientists from Turkey participating at the Linksceem conference to get their visa on arrival at Larnaca airport

  1. A copy of the page of your passport with your personal details 
  2. Your flight number and time of arrival at Larnaca. (please fax at +357-22208625, attention C. Roditou)

With the above info the Ministry will prepare a letter to be sent to you. You will show the letter when you get to Larnaca so that you get the visa.


What do I need and what do I do?

  1. 2 passport size photos
  2. complete visa application form (refer to printable form)
  3. official invitation letter (supplied by the CSCS)
  4. hotel reservation (communicated by CSCS if using the conference hotel)
  5. copy of bank statement ( showing sufficient funds )
  6. Cost of Visa
    1. Short-stay visa (1-90 days ) € 10.25
    2. 24hours to 2 weeks


As most participants will be international, we have chosen the following departure points: Milan, Athens, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan. The information is as follows and may change due to changes within the airlines...


Departing from Milan, Cyprus Airways only flies into Larnaca and only on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Cyprus Airways doesn't have any flights into Paphos.

Departing from Athens, Cyprus Airways flies into Larnaca and Paphos everyday.

Departing from Egypt –Cairo Cyprus Airways flies into Larnaca only on Thursdays and Sundays.

Departing from Israel- Tel Aviv Cyprus Airways flies into Larnaca almost all days.

Departing from Lebanon –Beirut Cyprus Airways flies into Larnaca almost all days.


Departing from Milan, Aegeanair only flies into Larnaca, days not specified (at this stage)

Departing from Athens, Aegeanair only flies into Larnaca but everyday.


Departing from Milan, British airways flies into Larnaca and Paphos but only with a long connection.

Departing from Athens, British Airways flies into Larnaca everyday and maybe Paphos .


Departing from Milan, KLM only flies into Paphos on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Departing form Milan, KLM does not fly into Larnaca.

KLM does not have any flights flying out of Athens.


Departing from Milan, Air France only flies into Larnaca on Thursdays and Fridays.

Air France does not fly out of Athens.



From Larnaca airport to Paphos we can recommend the following options:

  1. Use Travel Express which is an intercity TAXI service which can carry you to Paphos easily and relatively cheaply. The first TAXI departs from the Travel Express offices in Larnaca at 6:30 and the last one at 15:30 on a daily basis. The fair for the ride is €20. However, these TAXIs are not allowed to depart from Larnaca airport; therefore, you need to take a private TAXI from the airport to their offices which will cost you €10-15. Knowing the address is not necessary, you only need to point out to the driver that you need to go to the Travel Express offices. Finally, the ride to Paphos takes approximately 2 hours. 
  2. A second option for your transfer to Paphos is the ALEPA Paphos Buses LTD. These buses depart from Larnaca airport and reach Paphos via Limassol where all buses make a small stop in order for the passengers to get on another bus of the same company which will transfer them to Paphos. The fare for the bus is €14 including VAT and luggage. The ride will take approximately two hours. Please also keep in mind that when you reach Paphos you need to take a TAXI from the final stop to take you to your hotel and that will cost you roughly €15-20. Additionally, bookings should be made in advance for better organization of transfers. To make a reservation please call one of these number: 00357 26931755/26934410.
  3. A third option is to hire a car. We would like to recommend the following website where you can find cheap options for car hiring in Cyprus. Please follow this link: Additionally, you could find options for car hiring through the Hermes Airport webpage by following this link:
  4. Finally, I would also like to inform you that we are collaborating with a local car hire service "Nu-way Car Rental'' . You can call Mr Fotis in advance at this number: 00357 22 663939 and inform him of your visit as a participant to the conference organized by the Cyprus Institute and he will arrange a car for you at a good price.


From Paphos airport to the hotel:

From Paphos airport you may take a TAXI to take you down town, the transfer will cost approximately €28. There is also a bus connection between Paphos Airport and the Paphos district that connects with Kato Paphos. The bus is number 15, taking about 25 minutes and costing €3. The bus timetable, route and other details can be found here.