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Thursday, 08 Dec 2022

Egypt User Meeting, January 28, 2010

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User Meeting co-organized by CaSToRC, Nile University (NU) and the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) on January 28th in Cairo, Egypt
Sponsors: the European Commission (DG-INFSO) and the Cyprus Institute (CyI)
Location: Nile University, Smart Village, K28 Cairo-Alex Road, Giza. Auditorium in Building B2
Local Organizers: Dr. Mohamed Abouelhoda (NU), Dr. Moustafa Ghanem (NU), Dr. Nashwa Abdelbaki (NU), Mohamed El-Kalioby (NU), Hisham Mohamed (NU), Prof. Salwa Nassar (NARSS, ERI)

This User Meeting is co-organized by the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) of the Cyprus Institute (CyI), the Center for Information Sciences (CIS) of the Nile University and the the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences of Egypt. The meeting aims at current or potential HPC users within the Egyptian scientific community and is part of the networking process conducted within the LinkSCEEM project. The objectives of this process are:

  1. To provide a forum where users and providers of high-performance computing (HPC) facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean can meet and exchange views and information
  2. To explore the available HPC infrastructures in the region, and the ways they currently serve their user communities
  3. To provide an opportunity for computational scientists from the region (both users and providers) to learn from the experiences of leaders of HPC centers in Western Europe and the US
  4. To lay the foundations of a user community around the planned HPC facility of the Cyprus Institute's Computation-based Research and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC)

The meeting will include presentations from representatives of CaSToRC, LinkSCEEM and local scientific institutions. Current and potential HPC users will have the opportunity to present their work and projects, and the related computational needs. The meeting will conclude with a round-table discussion focusing on the required computational resources and connectivity.

A website containing complete details of the event can be found here.

  1. Meeting program
  2. Presentations
    1. Hazem Ezzat, Nile University
    2. Roberto Barbera, University of Catania
    3. Atef Sherif, Cairo University
    4. Salwa Nassar, ERI/NARSS
    5. Christos Nicolaou, CaSToRC/CyI
    6. Hisham El-Shishiny
    7. Mohamed Abouelhoda
    8. Ahmed Shawky Moussa
    9. Mohamed Abdelkader
    10. Hesham Eldeeb
    11. Naswa Abdelbaki
    12. Alessandro Artusi
    13. Mohamed Omran
  3. Meeting report