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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

CSTRC First User's Meeting

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The Computation based Science and Technology Research Center (CSTRC) organised its first Users meeting on April 8th, 2008

Sponsors: the European Commision (DG-INFSO) and the Cyprus Institute

The objectives of the meeting were: 

  1. To provide a forum where users and providers of high-performance computing (HPC) facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean can meet and exchange views and information. 
  2. To explore the available HPC infrastructures in the region, and the ways they currently serve their user communities. 
  3. To provide an opportunity for computational scientists from the region (both users and providers) to learn from the experiences of leaders of HPC centers in Western Europe and the US. 
  4. To lay the foundations of a user community around the planned HPC facility of the Cyprus Institute’s Computation-based Research and Technology Research Center

The meeting was attended by 57 participants (see the list), coming mostly from Cyprus and other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region: Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, as well as from the USA and western European countries. Their research interests cover computer science, algorithms, computational science, as well as applications of HPC in a large variety of fields, among which mathematics, high-energy physics (including astrophysics and lattice QCD), materials science, chemistry, electrical & mechanical engineering,  climate modelling, biology, healthcare (including medical imaging).

The programme comprised a morning session devoted to presentations by LinkSCEEM partners, an afternoon session devoted to presentations by users in the region, and a roundtable discussion on “The future of scientific computing in the Eastern Mediterranean” (see the summary).


For further information: 

  1. Meeting Program  
  2. Participants List  
  3. Roundtable Discussion Summary


  1. J. Adler 
  2. C. Alexandrou  
  3. P. Alpert  
  4. N. Attig  
  5. A.S. Eldin  
  6. M. Gharaibeh  
  7. P. Hadjinicolaou
  8. C.V. Jongeneel
  9. F. Karayannis
  10. P. Kelires
  11. I. Maglogiannis
  12. N. Nassif
  13. F. Niccolucci
  14. F. Omara
  15. A. Osseyran
  16. S. Sabet
  17. S. Stiliaris
  18. M. Suleiman
  19. Y. Torman
  20. J. Touma
  21. J. Towns
  22. S. Zenios