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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

WP11 - Cultural Heritage

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The scientific objectives of WP11 concern the use of scientific computing and visualization as a research framework in Cultural Heritage. The areas of advanced image documentation and distribution of culturalheritage artefacts and, 3D and 4D visualization will be addressed.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Prototyping a novel, small object imaging centre at CaSToRC that can be adopted by other centres in the region, including the building of the acquisition system, workflows and processes that will be available to regional partners for training activities.
  2. Implementing a Digital Library open to the general public of sufficient storage capacity to accommodate in an optimal fashion the high-resolution image-objects of cultural heritage artefacts.
  3. Producing tools for tele-immersive collaborative environments and data that accommodate the merging of physical scenes into virtual digital spaces

You may access further information on WP11 ongoing activities at