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Friday, 31 Mar 2023

Pressure-velocity coupled high performance CFD modelling – from Preparatory to Production access

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After an unsuccessful 1st LinkSCEEM/Cy-Tera production call application where preparatory access was granted, Professor Gelfgat’s group from Israel were successful with their second production call application.

Modelling unavoidable instabilities in the course of transition to turbulence using lid-driven 3D cavities and convection in rectangular 3D boxes configurations, simulations were carried out to allow for experimental and computational results for the development of code based on multi-frontal direct sparse solvers.
The code and results of this project can also be useful in various fields of Mechanical Engineering such as drag reduction, renewable energy problems and manufacturing of high-quality materials.

2Visualization of a three-dimensional convective flow in a laterally heated cubic cavity at Ra=103 (a) and Ra=107 (b).


Visualization of a three-dimensional convective flow in a lid-driven cube at Re=103 with the lid driven parallel to a
wall (a) and parallel to a diagonal (b).