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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

WP7 - Connectivity

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The work package’s main goal is to enhance network connectivity between the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region, which participate in the project. More specifically in coordination with EUMEDCONNECT2, connectivity of 155Mbps between Cyprus and Jordan will be established, connecting the user community of SESAME to HPC resources. Addtionally, the project aims at the utilization of the existing links connecting Egypt, Israel and Syria via GEANT and EUMEDCONNECT and at supporting connectivity upgrades between Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria as promoted by the EUMEDCONNECT projects, via the provision of a clear scientific case for its need and the engagement of the regional research communities. Finally, collaboration with other initiatives for interconnecting the region will be developed, such as the Consortium of Arab Research and Education Networks (ASREN).

You may access further information on WP7 ongoing activities at