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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

How to apply - Access to HPC resources

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This site is intended for those who wish to apply to use the resources of the LinkSCEEM and Cy-Tera projects. There are two types of access available:


Preparatory access is for projects that require porting, scalability testing, development or specialised assistance. These projects undergo only a light technical review and the call for proposals is permanent. The upper limit for allocations for such projects is 5,000 to 10,000 core hours.


Production access is for projects to implement a scientific research project. These projects undergo a full technical and scientific review. There are 2 calls for proposals per year with published opening and closing dates. In general, such a call is for experienced users where the codes necessary for the project are available on the system requested and/or, in case of codes developed by the applicants, have been sufficiently tested for efficiency, scalability, and suitability (either via proposals for preparatory access or in systems similar to the LinkSCEEM-2 systems). The upper limit for allocations for such projects is 100,000 to 200,000 core hours. There must be a verifiable work plan for resource usage included in the proposal.


Available Resources


Total number of core hours available per year for resources is roughly 8 million core hours and 200.000 GPU hours. The available resources are on two Intel-based cluster systems with high speed interconnect (one with NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators).


Information Material

  1. Guidelines for Applicants: Contains full information on the application process (please ensure that you can view the Version 3.0 of the document - viewing in incognito mode through your browser may be required)
  2. Application Submission: Linklings site for preparing and submitting application
  3. Application Form for preparatory access: in PDF format, for information purposes only
  4. Application Form for production access: in PDF format, for information purposes only