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Sunday, 05 Feb 2023

User Support

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Cy-Tera and the EU-funded LinkSCEEM projects allow researchers from  Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region to apply for time on high-end high-performance computers via a peer review process. The projects provide user support to assist prospective users in using the HPC systems available and a training portal for introducing users to material necessary for preparing applications for such systems. Information on requesting user support and accessing the training material, as well as on the process for access & allocations of compute resources can be found below.

Primary User Support

User support is provided via an online helpdesk system. The helpdesk service can be contacted via the email address: at

All user queries relating to LinkSCEEM computer resources should be directed to this email address.

Allocations and Access

To request access to the available HPC sites visit:

Training Portal

Training material is currently available via our online training portal and spans the following topics:

  1. Parallel Computing Explained
  2. Introduction to MPI
  3. Intermediate MPI
  4. Introduction to Multi-core Performance
  5. Introduction to OpenMP
  6. Debugging Serial and Parallel Codes
  7. Multilevel Parallel Programming
  8. Introduction to Performance Tools
  9. Introduction to Visualization
  10. Parallel Numerical Libraries
  11. Performance Tuning for Clusters
  12. Tuning Applications for High Performance Networks

    You may access the the training portal link at:

    Please watch this space for any information on the LinkSCEEM-2 helpdesk and user support.